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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

Originally Posted by Racer View Post
Text stated that some locations could used distilled wood alcohol or methane products from human/animal/algae waste etc , for liquid fuel .
The most-recent issue of _Flying_ magazine has a couple articles on "creation of Sustainable Jet Fuel" using, among other things, "fast-growing crops like algae". I've been studying the subject ever since I started playing _CW_ (and having lived through both 1970s Oil Crises [eyeroll]), so I know a bit more of the topic than the average bear. :) (I do find it a bit ironic that _CW_'s backstory in fact has a solution to the whole "no more oil" thing written into it -- it's just no one realized it.)

As to the _Hammerhead_: I ran it through CW Combat Garage; it does appear to be 90 lbs. underweight, and ~$500 over cost for the time it was built in (2034 tech only); which is why I file it under "someone's arithmetic was off". One could add 10 pts. to the Top armor, and still be under $15,000, but not by much.
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