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Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
". . . for the moment." Any PDF release of the Dungeon Fantasy Companion will necessarily be after the PDF release of Dungeon Fantasy Traps, Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items, and Dungeon Fantasy: Against the Rat-Men. Those haven't been uploaded yet, so please be patient!
Thank you for the update. I'm living in Queensland Australia, so I kind of rely on pdfs. I, like probably many here, own an obscene number of yours, and look forward to adding this one to the others. Considering the cost of shipping to Oz, pdfs are a much more practical option for us.

I am a little muddled though. It's my understanding from the webpage that the Dungeon Fantasy Companion is Dungeon Fantasy Traps + Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items + Dungeon Fantasy: Against the Rat-Men, right? So, if you publish those separately, then we are all good to go! ;^)

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