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Default Re: GURPS Classic Steam-Tech update

Originally Posted by acmegamer View Post

Hey Steven, quick question. Is this so the pdf matches the layout of the On Demand prints? In regards the part of the sentence above.
I'm not quite sure the question, so as usual I'll overexplain.

There was a technical issue with the previous PDF being naughty in some instances (especially on p. 25). However, the most-recent version of the file is the one we prepped for On Demand.

We don't normally update PDFs prepped for On Demand with their On Demand counterparts, because they're generally more-or-less the same except for any tweaks specific to make the print book "work." (If there is significant errata, we of course update the PDF as we're able.)

In this case, rather than try to go back to the digital version of the file that was originally used to generate the (flawed) PDF and try to fix it, we instead just used the On Demand version, because we know it works and is the most up-to-date.

So, unless something has gone very wrong, if someone buys the PDF or the On Demand version, they should be the same in terms of layout or content.

I hope that explains it!
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