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Originally Posted by MIHellboy View Post
I've been a SJG fan for going on 30 years and am not only a devotee of the products but also of the delivery methodology.

That being said, I have a couple of asks of the site to improve my experience.

1. Could you add a sort by product name and release date (ascending and descending) to help finding the goodness I don't yet have?

2. Could you add a download link to stuff already in my library from the search results screen (I'm old so I forget that I already own stuff, a lot)? Possibly add the option to exclude it from the search results all together?

3. Can the link to "Continue Shopping" from the cart go back to the search results as opposed going back to the product? I'm having trouble figuring out the value of going back to the product I just added to my crate.

Thank you for your time and the quality of your product and delivery.
Hey MIHellboy - Sorry for the delay in response on this!
These are all really cool ideas and I've sent them over to our webmaster and IT teams to see if they can implement them.
They are pretty busy lately so I don't foresee these happening anytime relatively soon but I know we will take them into consideration. :)
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