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Default Re: [OOC] The Voyages of "The Hiawatha" [Hero Class] : GURPS Traveller

The price for Turrets factored in the M$0.1 to purchase the turret (since the Hero class only comes with hard points for mounting turrets, not pre-installed turrets).

As Captain, I'll suggest an outfitting, you guys can feel free to change it as you please.

Quicken 2070 Free Edition (TL 10 Accounting software) - $0
Damage Control (Complexity 3 for a 200 dTon vessel) - $50
Damage Control Database (Hero-class vessel) - $1,000
Datalink (Free) - $0
Entertainment - $0
Entertainment Databases (I'm gonna assume Halo:Vilani Scum 3 costs the same as Halo 3 did when it came out) x 10 $500
Internal Security System (Skill level 15, Complexity 5) $1000
Interpreter w/ Vilani Language Database (Native) (and as many additional language Databases as we can purchase: $1000/database) $2000
Jump-2 Navigation Software (Complexity 6) $5000
RVO (Piloting Skill 15 Complexity 5) $1,000
Targeting (Complexity 6, +1 targeting bonus) $5000
Software total: $14,550

Consumables (Food and Medical):
330 Man-days of rations $1980 (1 month for a full compliment of 5 passengers and 6 crew)
Crash Kit TL/10 x 10 (+2 First Aid, -5 Surgery) $2000
50 patient/days of medical supplies $500
Surgical Instruments TL/10 x 5 $1500
Consumables total: $5,980

Ship to Ship Armament:
1 Turret w/ Sandcaster x 2 (each with 12 canisters) $609,600
1 Turret w/ TL9 Pulse Laser $600,000
Weapons Total: 1,209,600

Ship's Locker:
Standard Issue Crew Equipment:
"Pocket Pack" x 6 (UT38) $150
Small TL/10 Radio communicators x 6 (UT44) $1200
Smart VacSuits TL10 x 6 (with Helmets) $42,000
H&K USP, .40 S&W w/ Smart Electronics x 6 $4,620
60 .40 magazines $1920
Benelli M1 Super 90 12G Shotgun (HT) x 3 $1350
100 Buckshot Rounds $70
100 Slugs $70
30 Barricade-Penetrating Tear Gas Rounds $45
TL10 Laser Pistols x3 $3300
Sub-total: $54,590

Emergency Gear
Survival Chest x 12 (GT:FT70) $26840 ($2440 each, I gave us a 10% discount off the price to purchase all the bits separately, seemed fair, but we can go up to the full price if you'd prefer which is $2708 ea or $32,496)
Sub-total: $26,840 ($32,496)

Armory (Small Arms) Portable Toolkit $600
Armory (Armor) Portable Toolkit $600
Armory (Beam Weapons) Portable Toolkit $600
Sub-total: $1,800

Ship's Locker Consumables
60 Rechargeable C Batteries $600
40 Rechargeable B Batteries $120
40 Rechargeable A Batteries $80
40 Rechargeable AA Batteries $40
Sub-total: $840

Cargo Gear
4A67/8 Modular Cargo Container x3 (GT:FT57) This is for speculative cargo, I assume Contract Freight customers will provide their own boxes...) $90,000
Sub-total: $30,000

Ship's Locker Total: $174,070 ($179,726 if we pay full price for the survival chests.)
Remaining Cash: $345,800 ($340,144 if we pay full price for the survival chests.)
The tear gas slugs are so we can neutralize less cautious enemies (since in our vacc suits, we'd be immune. Obviously, if the enemy is in vacc suits these wouldn't work, but they're only $1.50 each, so why not). I also added 2 more Modular Cargo Containers for speculative freight. There is enough money left over for 1 more Sandcaster w/ a full ammo load if you want, it's only $254,800, leaving us just over $90,000 in the ship's purse. If we don't spend that money, the Ship's purser will roll that over into speculative cargo on Prometheus.
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