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Default Mystery Dex

At the beginning of combat, players usually can determine the enemy character’s Strength by the weapon he carries. Thus he can guess how much damage the enemy will take before being killed.

But an additional stat is revealed the moment combat begins and that is Dexterity. This is because DX determines the order in which the character goes in combat.

If DX were left a mystery when the engagement begins, the player will have to take that mystery into account when sizing up the opponents. This method expands the tactics* required for combat.

I’ve played it this way before and it adds an interesting dynamic to the combat. I continue to play the traditional way, though.

Initiative is done for movement as usual and that winner moves first, then the other players move.

When Turn Sequence #4 Action comes up,

• The winner of the original initiative goes first and chooses a figure to do action. An attack by that figure will reveal the figure's adjDX. (Defend does not reveal adjDX.) A spell usually won't reveal the figure's adjDX.
If an action does not force the figure to reveal its adjDX, it is not revealed.

• After the first figure goes, the other player now selects a figure to do its action as per above. This does not have to be the highest adjDX figure.

• The Action Turn continues in this alternating way until all the figures have done their options.

When the Turn Sequence #4 is completed, the game continues until a new Turn Sequence #4 arrives,

• If all the figures have revealed their adjDX, then traditional High to Low adjDX commences this turn.

• If not, the players (and the figures too) know the revealed adjusted dexterities, but unrevealed adjDX's are a mystery that must be factored into the Action selection risk assessment. Alternating Player choosing figure activation continues until all adjusted Dexterities are revealed.

Any previous revelation of a character's adjusted Dexterity in the game, might be known to the combatants. So if the enemy has seen this figure fight before, they may already know his adjDX.

Sometimes a token might be needed to let you know which figures have taken their turn.

* in addition, there is a possibility of giving Tactics Talent a roll to size up a figure's adjDX before or during the Combat Engagement.
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