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Default Re: Seeking Cinematic Social abilities *short of* mind control / reading / supernatur

Originally Posted by L.J.Steele View Post
If so, there doesn't seem to be a skill for holding the target's attention while (for example), your team sneaks past the guard. Fast-Talk is about getting people to do things. Public Speaking is a bit ill-defined in how it influences people, but also doesn't seem designed for 1:1 patter/blather where you're not trying to make someone do something other than pay attention to you.

Have I missed something?
Sex Appeal and Captivate are both tailor-made for this, depending on whether we're going mundane or magical.

I'd certainly also allow Fast-Talk to work and depending on circumstances, might also allow: Acting (to present a distracting occurance, possibly with other accomplices); Dancing, Musical Instrument, Performance, Public Speaking, Singing and/or Sleight of Hand (to put on a show to distract); Administration, Leadership, Savoir-Faire (High Society, Military or Police) or Religious Ritual (to present the guards with an Important Person in some way that they need to focus on dealing with reasonably politely) and a wide range of others. Basically, anything that either requires a lot of attention from the guard or tempts him into focusing on something other than duty might be applicable.
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