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Default Re: Seeking Cinematic Social abilities *short of* mind control / reading / supernatur

Kicking this back up and trying to understand Enthrallment, B 191-92.

First, am I correct that the 1st printing (and maybe others) have an error in listing Enthrallment itself as a W/H skill, when it is a category with 4 subskills -- captivate, persuade, suggest, and sway emotion?

If so, there doesn't seem to be a skill for holding the target's attention while (for example), your team sneaks past the guard. Fast-Talk is about getting people to do things. Public Speaking is a bit ill-defined in how it influences people, but also doesn't seem designed for 1:1 patter/blather where you're not trying to make someone do something other than pay attention to you.

Have I missed something?
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