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Social Regard isn't Reputation. It isn't something that you get used to over time and can see past. It's also not Dread, not a supernatural force that inspires fear. It's more of a Sociological wall that separates your character from much of the rest of the population. It represents a social institution your character benefits from like being one of The Elders, or A Sacred Virgin, or in this case, a Master of Death. It's nothing to do with the behavior of the character so it cannot be turned on or off short of disguising yourself so your Social Regard isn't obvious to strangers.

The guys who work for your Necromancer aren't necessarily afraid of them. They know what you are and chose to be your droogs because they wanted work for the gal everyone is afraid of, they feel a sense of safety in your employment and they likely get some small social regard from that employment as Servants of the Master of Death. A reaction roll to betray you or jeopardize their employment would likely have that fear bonus because they don't want to be in a position to have to fear you.

Think of social regard like the reputation of a Corporation. Corporately people who work for Microsoft might be feared because of the ruthless actions of that corporation and it's power but Microsoft engineers, aren't afraid of their employer because they're on the right side of that brutal legal team. They believe that their work will make a difference and future employers will value them because of that Social Regard but they're also not likely to try to steal from or betray their company because that fear becomes an issue if you get fired.
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