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Originally Posted by acrosome View Post
I think it's silly not to allow it to be switchable. Or even to acknowledge that switchable is an innate aspect of the advantage. Consider a noble- there is no reason that they cannot "dress down" in an unfamiliar area and pass as a commoner. Likewise, a priest who is not wearing vestments in an unfamiliar area loses his Social Regard, unless he is identified as a priest.


What he said.
In the old WFRP they had several levels for a Necromancer (and I believe Demonologist too) what their aura became. Animals stay away, children start to cry when you are near, your flesh begins to smell, you attract flies (lots of them), etc. These are not things you can simply ignore. And Social Regard (Feared) 3 is more than just clothing, I think. But when the player and the GM come in terms on what exactly provides the advantage and if it is or is not swtichable, itn should be prices accordingly.
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