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Default Re: Bestowing Personality-based Powers

You add up all of your enhancements and limitations together before applying it to the base cost of the ability.

Afflicted Advantages are Enhancements on the Affliction Power.

A Variable Enhancement is ten times the value of the largest enhancement you can configure that Variable Enhancement into.

a 100% variable enhancement can be any +10% in applied enhancements
a 1,000% variable enhancement can be any +100% in applied enhancements

So if you want to afflict a 10 point advantage, it is a +100% enhancement
And if you want to afflict ANY 10 point advantage, you need to be able to vary that 100%, which would be a +1,000% Variable Enhancement.

You will not be taking an "Added Advantage" enhancement, as that would be fixed at the creation of the power. You need enough Variable Enhancement to buy the Added Advantage Enhancement you want at the time you use your power.

The Variable Enhancement does not let you use other existing enhancements for other things, it lets you improvise brand new enhancements on the fly

Does that help?
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