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Default Bestowing Personality-based Powers

I was wondering if anyone has any idea on how an entity could bestow superpowers based on a person's personality. Examples off the top of my headI have seen are the Hulk and other Gamma-based superheroes, Warren Ellis's comic book No Hero, and the Persona video game series.

I already think of having a version of Modular Abilities (B71), with Enhancements: any Mental or Physical [+100%] (B71), any Social [+50%] (P63), and Limitations: Limited, "Affliction, Advantage, Super-Powers", [-30%] (P64).

The Modular Abilities would be limited to Affliction [10/lvl] (B35) with the Limitation: Extended Duration, Permanent, no way to end the effect [+300%] (B104).

I am wondering, however, what the cost of the limitation so that the Advantage afflicted is limited to something regarding the person's personality.

In addition, I would probably have the targeted characters each take some sort of Mental or Physical Quirk or Disadvantage, which would influence what kind of power they get. For example, like having a Phobia (B148) or something.
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