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Default Re: Supernatural Durability and 1 HP below zero and Move

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
does Unstoppable have a point at which it no longer applies?
Not that I can see, just says "ignore the usual penalties for having less than 1/3 HP"

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
given the latter already has a lesser version of the effect, a discount on Unstoppable may be in order
Yeah this is one of those things where it'd be cool to break down SD into a metra-trait, divorcing the Unstoppable aspect and also the High Pain Threshold aspect.

HPT and SD also seem to have some elements of resistant/immune to unconsciousness too, though not entirely... SD gives complete immunity to "knockout" (ie B327 right column: if you fail your Major Wound HT >4, and maybe some crit table results?) but it doesn't explicitly mention other causes of unconsciousness (like the HT rolls you make each second at <0HP per B327's middle column) so I don't know if SD prevents that...
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