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Default Supernatural Durability and 1 HP below zero and Move

As long as you have 0 or more HP, you are also immune to crippling injuries, and have your full Move.

Below 0 HP, you are at half Move, and can be crippled
If you have less than 1/3 of your HP remaining, you reel from your wounds.

Halve your Move and Dodge (round up).
Would this basically mean that the usual 1/2 move (including rounding up fractions, which SD does not specify) happens but takes place when you drop below zero INSTEAD of 1/3?

"full" at "zero or more" sounds like it's definitely canceling out the usual Move-halving, though I'm not sure about Dodge (maybe that takes place at 1/3 normally?)

Would it seem reasonable to allow Injury Tolerance: Unstoppable (pg 10 of Monster Hunters Power-Ups) to cancel out the move-halving at <0 HP since it normally cancels out the move-halving at <1/3HP ?
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