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Pothi mentions the tip of deck 18, which has "Sanity Ports" --- the only windows to outside of the ship. Right now there isn't much to see, as they are in port. Besides, the two are EVA crew. They will eventually find a inadequately locked plasma emmiter*. Pothi checks a couple he knew of during his service, but they have all been fixed, which is pretty expected.

* plasma emmiters are the metallic brown boxes with "scoops" pointing outwards.
[OOC] Can you explain the significance of the plasma emitters?

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
They are always welcome at the great rotating hyperdrive and its capacitors: that's part of their responsibilities. Its a fairly new hyperdrive design, as these things go: designed in the Malu empire 50 years ago. Day isn't terribly familiar with what makes it special, though he's aware of some operational quirks. Finding out the manufacturing secrets is some else's job, and at this point, the Malu have another drive in service, at least for imperial craft rather than the stuff versatile nations buy. Right now the drive is being slowly spun as part of a maintenance test.

Are there any places Day will prompt Pothi to show him?
"Thanks for the tour, now I guess I better get a good look at the drives. Any quirks of them from your last service onboard I should know about?"
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