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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

I need an acting roll from Valford. Saviore-Faire would also help.

Vorno:"I suppose you've heard about this before, but on dreadnaughts its not uncommon for friendly rivalries to form between different reactor teams. We have the fore upper starboard reactor. We have a rivalry with fore lower port reactor. We need to make sure we handle our reactor better, especially in tight situations."

Vorno goes over in detail. the specific quirks of HIS reactor, the Fore upper starboard reactor. He also goes over the boiler systems, and over the general layout of the reactors: There are four of each. the upper reactors are on decks 4-6, with their heat exchanges below them, while the lower reactors are on their sides on decks 10-15, with the heat exchanges to the inside of the ship.

Vorno stops periodically to make sure Valford understands one aspect of the job or the other.
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