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Not wanting to allude to his somewhat superior knowledge, he admits that the Nightfall's reactors are larger than anything he has worked on so far. Thinking of a type of ship the Zorbani Military would have in their fleet that would be a step down in size (possibly a destroyer class vessel) he notes that he was selected for this position because of his familiarity in the type of reactor, and knew his way around them well enough for someone in a higher position to suggest him for this station. Ending his description with:

"...when I heard about the post, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I mean, to work on a ship like this for an engineer like myself is a wet dream. I am honored to have been selected for this position, and look forward to proving to you how much of an asset I can be. For the ship, and the Zorbani Military as a whole. I can't wait. I have heard a little about her, but nothing will beat seeing the Nightfall's reactor with my own two eyes!"

He can't keep the smile off his face and acts genuinely enthusiastic about it, like a kid who plays baseball getting a new big-boy bat, or like a huge fan getting to meet his favorite actress.
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