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Default Re: One of my alien designs

Chibi Daughter

Attribute Modifiers: -3 ST [-30], +1 DX [20].
Secondary Characteristics: -1 FP [-3], SM -1 [0].
Racial Advantages: Acute Smell 2 [4], Amphibious [10], Flexibility [5].
Racial Disadvantages: Short Lifespan 1 [-5].
Racial Skills: Swimming (E) @ HT+2 [4].
Cultural Advantages: Cultural Familiarity (Chibi) [0], Language Chibian (Native) [0], TL 10 [0].
Cultural Disadvantages: Chummy [-5], Curious (12) [-5], Humble [-1], Playful [-1].
Cultural Skills: None.
Common Traits: Duty, Patron, Selfless.
Common Skills: None.
Taboo Traits: Lecherousness.

Chibi Mother
Replace Short Lifespan 1 with Extended Lifespan 2 (requires daily contact with male).
Add Status 3+ [+15 or more] (Initial Status is 3 for a new Mother, but can be raised higher).
Add Wealth (Wealthy or higher).
Replace Humble with Proud (A Mother is very concerned about the reputation of her House).
Replace Playful with Serious (A Mother has a great deal of responsibility resting on her shoulders).
Add Administration (A) @ IQ+2 [8] (often higher).
Most Mothers will master Diplomacy, Leadership and Psychology (Applied).

Chibi Progenitor
ST 2, DX 10, IQ 3, HT 9
Per 10, Will 10, SM -6
Amphibious, Doesn't Breathe (Gills), Enhanced Move (Water, Extended Lifespan 4
Bestial, Cannot Speak, Hidebound, No Legs (Aquatic), No Manipulators, Social Stigma (Valuable Property)
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