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The Chibi Union is an alliance with representatives democratically elected by the Mothers of the various households. Only Mothers can vote, but the actual representative is rarely a Mother, a household that wins picks a handful of Daughters to handle that duty, though they are always in contact with their Mother.

Power sharing and making deals between households is how business in the Chibi Union is accomplished. Luckily Chibi see themselves as one giant extended family and tensions rarely progress past a rivalry stage.

House Governance

Within a household, the Mother is the ultimate authority, her word and judgment are final. However, Mothers approach the governance of the household from a maternal perspective. They balance their agenda both on what is good for their house as a whole and the individuals who are her Daughters.

Houses can become quite large, impossible for a single Chibi to manage. Officers are chosen by the Mother to help her with the day-to-day operations of the household. The chief officer is the Seneschal, who is charged with making sure the domestic and internal functions of the house run smoothly. Security, medical, education are other positions likely to have officers, though the Seneschal outranks them all. There will also be an officer in charge of whatever business the house uses to support itself (one house might be principally agricultural, another might be a research institute, another a hospital).

Interstellar Relations

The Chibi are one six major species in the Alliance (the others being the Ataxxonar, Drex, Gelph, Ydesu and the Valithorn), as a relatively peaceful and friendly people they don't have any major enemies among the Alliance, though they get along best with the Drex and the Ydesu. The Ataxxonar find the Chibi too touchy and emotional. The Valithorn maintain a distance from the Chibi as they do with all the species other than the Ataxxonar. The Gelph fascinate the Chibi, but the Gelph don't show much interest.

The Chibi have discovered five minor species in their exploration of the galaxy. Two of these are still primitive and have been placed in protectorate status by the Alliance. Two are minor members of the Alliance now. The other species had first contact go horribly wrong (the Chibi first contact team was eaten), while they are nominally a member of the alliance, the Chibi avoid them. (I need to come up with names for these species).
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