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With the exception of the Mother, most Chibi view their fellow Chibi in one of two ways, they are either a Sister or a Cousin. Sisters are members of their House, most are in fact biologically their sisters, though some will be adopted members to the household. Chibi from other households are Cousins, though they make a slight distinction for those Chibi who share lineage with their household Near Cousin. Near Cousins are Chibi in a household from whence either the Mother or the Progenitor (the male bonded to the Mother) came from.

Mothers view the Chibi in her household as Daughters, most will be actual offspring but some will be adopted into the household. Those Chibi outside a Motherís household are viewed as Cousins or Near Cousins, even if they used to be Sisters.

Being a Mother in Chibi society is a respected position. Any Chibi not in a particular Mother's House will refer to her as Other Mother acknowledging her position. An Other Mother has no special authority over Chibi not in her household, but she will be shown social regard and courtesy.

The key to understanding Chibi psychology is recognizing that they see themselves as a family, nearly everyone within a household is blood relation, the few that aren't are adopted siblings. An individual Chibi won't get along with all of their Sisters but they are still sisters.

Chibi are big into touching, as a way to establish and affirm connection between individuals. They frequently hug, embrace, lay hands on one another, and even touch heads. They particularly like sharing beds and sleeping together, there is no sexual connotation to this.

The Chibi do not have sexual feelings in the way other species do that need to seek out a mate. They do feel emotions like love, but it is the love of friendships and family.

Males are not intelligent; their function in Chibi society is purely procreative.
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