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Honestly, this is much closer to the way we did it back in the day (that campaign lasted for over two years); we just treated it more or less like "mental fatigue" though we labeled it "Mana" instead. (Which title I actually got from DragonQuest, not from GURPS.) Basically Mana was a resource that was available to you, but which you could only handle as much of as you had IQ points. Once you ran out, you could continue to cast spells, but now you were suffering wounds as in original TFT -- boy howdy, let me tell you, the Wizards were pretty stingy with spells once their Mana allotment for the day was up! (You recharged Mana at either Midnight or Noon -- you could pick which one when you created your character, and thereafter it was always the same time for that particular character -- the players took to calling that being "Day Aspected" or "Night Aspected" for some reason that was never particularly clear to me, but hey, they enjoyed it so I rolled with it!)
I'm glad to hear that it didn't get in the way of your fun. I'm gonna be synthesizing a grotesque Fate/TFT chimera for future games to take advantage of Fate's great roleplaying mechanics, so it's comforting to know that Mana is a fun and easy way to circumvent the manastaff (which I won't be using because I won't be using XP). It seems like it would be extremely unbalancing given how difficult it is RAW to amass that kind of casting power, but all eyewitness reports say that it was fun. You really didn't get any sort of "caster supremecy" problems when you did that?
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