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Default Re: assistance with game setup for GURPS Transhuman Space?

Originally Posted by Astromancer View Post
My advice is to find a niche for the beginning of your campaign. Law enforcement on the moon, forensic psychologists dealing with the special problems of parahumans, or thrill seekers on Mars that have accidentally run afoul of the Martian Triads, something that would appeal to your players. This would give you and them time to acclimatize to the broader setting.

Exploring the depth and complexity of the setting can wait. Fun first, fun always.
I'm going to say that I agree with this recommendation. I found THS fascinating as a setting, but I was baffled for a long time by what to do with it. Then I came up with the concept of a firm of private investigators specializing in informational crimes and torts. That gave me my first THS campaign, Whispers, which went so well that I ended up extending it from the usual two years to three.

The formula "You are X who do Y in setting Z" is always a good starting point for a campaign.
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