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Default Re: assistance with game setup for GURPS Transhuman Space?

Well, there really are no splatbooks for Transhuman Space; GURPS generally doesn't make much use of those.

If you're going to run Singapore Sling, I recommend getting hold of the basic Transhuman Space book, which defines Transhuman Space as a setting, and the pdf supplement Changing Times, which converts the setting from 3/e to 4/e. (You can skip Changing Times if you want to stay with 3/e.) My pdf copy of Transhuman Space has the 3/e version of GURPS Lite starting on p. 207, which is all you have to have to run a 3/e GURPS campaign; if you want to go to 4/e you should pick up the 4/e version of GURPS Lite and use that.

Everything else is optional. You CAN buy the various supplements—Fifth Wave, Broken Dreams, Toxic Memes, In the Well, and so on—and they'll enrich your understanding of the setting. But they aren't aimed so much at powering up PCs. They're more like guides to different areas or different aspects of the setting.
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