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Default Re: Magic - could you buff an enemy wizard with a non-resistable spell to track them?

Originally Posted by Lovewyrm View Post
Could be dangerous if words gets around from that practice.

What if the enemy wizard notices (They can detect magic too, right?), eyes widening going: Those cheeky bastards! This is genius!

Rings up all his friends to tell them the news.

And then YOU get GPSed by them.

Based on such a possiblity, I'd potentially allow it, of course without telling the players that this could backfire on them.

Would that be fun though? To be on the receiving end?

Would it devolve into a tedium where every wizard, after the cats out of the bag has to incorporate a GPS cleansing ritual in the morning routine?
Yeah basically, seems like wizard espionage tech wars, you'd balance your desire for privacy and managing the competition vs other potentially better uses of your FP.

Scryguard layering is also an interesting question - if I cast Scryguard on my enemy, does that prevent him placing his own Scryguard to protect himself until after I cancel mine?

Or if they coexist, does that mean there's two separate resistance rolls, or is it just whichever of the two is better?
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