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The man tries a few different languages with Julian, but nothing is understood. At least not with words. The man mimes swinging some sort of tool, and holds up a chunk of black rock: he has work for Julian as a miner. He also holds up a coin, indicating some rate of payment: four of those per... day? maybe? it took the man way too long to understand the gestures for "Day".
Well I'd probably be more inclined to ask if it was piecework before day. I guess I don't have any choice but to accept his terms.

I'll ask what his name is and what the rock is called.

I guess this is the raw rock and not the worked and polished material? Is it smooth or rough? Is there any patterning on it?

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He gestures asking where Julian's parents/guardians/taller responsible people are (yes, height is the most concrete gestured for).
Well, I don't actually know and I rather not say if I did, so I guess I'll lie a little. I'll gesture that they're dead. That usually shuts down most conversations about the topic.
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