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Julian does feel something about the lighting... it feels like a divot somehow. a divot in space with a strange smell even though he can't actually touch it. That weird sense picks up other divots he can't see on the other side of walls as well.
I feel my eyes drawn in the direction of these divots. I think briefly if this is related to the more familiar pins and needles feelings I've had, and decide that could be possible. I've never seen a rock that just glows like that.

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The man's hands are not normal... he has a noticeable webbing between them, and the tips of his fingers are rather larger than expected. He indicates these differences are also true of the man to look for.

They look quite strange themselves. He passes a couple with wings, a woman with the grey slate skin and pointed ears, and what he thinks is a woman with substantially more body and facial hair than 99% of men.
I briefly consider that this is some kind of cosplay convention. I rule it out primarily because I can't recognize any of the "characters" they'd be playing, and because I don't think the vendors would be dressed up like the crowd. Besides, how would you fake having physique like that?

Given the climbing vendor didn't understand my language, I decide against stopping to talk with anyone, and I decide not to stop and tweak their costumes either. That might draw more unwanted attention.

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Julian hoped to be indescript... but failed. Everyone who passes by looks at his strange "clothing".
I find myself growing more and more red as I continue through the chamber, eventually trying to hide my face behind my diary. It doesn't help much.

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The big chamber is a smaller market, though this one isn't running at the moment. The few hawkers present watch him suspiciously. He spots the tall man with long hair and webbed hands.
I don't suppose the friendly climbing vendor mentioned a name (even one I could only recognize by context). Actually thinking about it should be doable to just point at myself, say my name and then point at the friendly climbing vendor. Could we go back [retroactively or literally] and do that?

I'll be gesturing while speaking:
"I don't suppose you speak English either."
"The climbing vendor [alternately his name], said you had work here? Would you happen to have work for me?"
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