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Default Re: (IC) Lost in Dreams (Julian)

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Supposing that the friendly chalky man's hands were normal looking and this is the marketplace Julian dreamt about
Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Also, Julian felt nothing strange from the lighting?
Wow, I'm off my game. Both of those deserve further comment.

Julian does feel something about the lighting... it feels like a divot somehow. a divot in space with a strange smell even though he can't actually touch it. That weird sense picks up other divots he can't see on the other side of walls as well.

The man's hands are not normal... he has a noticeable webbing between them, and the tips of his fingers are rather larger than expected. He indicates these differences are also true of the man to look for.

Well, I suppose it's hard to be delicate about physical disabilities when you're just gesticulating wildly. I'll follow the directions and head deeper into the building, looking for the tall weird handed man. I bite my lip, trying my best to remain indescript as I wander through this marketplace. I thought I was done with public humiliations.

Its not quite the same market place, but its quite similar. The hall only has doors to the right of it. Its quite crowded. Julian hoped to be indescript... but failed. Everyone who passes by looks at his strange "clothing". They look quite strange themselves. He passes a couple with wings, a woman with the grey slate skin and pointed ears, and what he thinks is a woman with substantially more body and facial hair than 99% of men.

The big chamber is a smaller market, though this one isn't running at the moment. The few hawkers present watch him suspiciously. He spots the tall man with long hair and webbed hands.
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