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Julian gets at a covering for his most important bits out of vines and leaves. Its wet, but gives at least a semblance of modesty.
Enter Julian, wet. It's like Pericles except I haven't been shipwrecked.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
The man understands neither English nor Spanish. He also doesn't seem to understand the map.
Where on Earth am I? Either he's profoundly ignorant or my map's a lot worse than I think. Probably not a good map.

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
He does understand the request for work, and he waves Julian deeper into the building. turn right once he's in, and then keep an eye out for a big chamber on the side. Then talk to a tall man with weird hands and long hair*.

*Gesture... success by 4! Julian isn't sure what is meant by the weird hands, but he figures at least something should be distinctive about the hands.
Supposing that the friendly chalky man's hands were normal looking [they aren't] and this is the marketplace Julian dreamt about
Well, I suppose it's hard to be delicate about physical disabilities when you're just gesticulating wildly. I'll follow the directions and head deeper into the building, looking for the tall weird handed man. I bite my lip, trying my best to remain indescript as I wander through this marketplace. I thought I was done with public humiliations.

Also, Julian felt nothing strange from the lighting?

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