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Default Re: (IC) Lost in Dreams (Julian)

I awoke to a wetness on my back. I mumbled, "Great, I have another useless television dream and the storm sewer floods. Just perfect."

I got a bit of a chill and I opened my eyes, to see the overhang of a cliff. I wasn't thinking straight quite yet; I could only think of a joke. "Watson, what does this tell you? Well, meteorologically we're decently protected from the elements, tactically we only need to guard from three directions, and geologically we're about to be crushed. What does it tell you, Holmes? Watson you fool, someone stole our storm drain."

I was mulling over why the joke wasn't right when I realized someone had moved me and that I was naked. I panicked, and began checking my neck, wrists, and ankles. Not being bound wasn't any real comfort. As I got up, I called out to no one in particular. "OK, very funny. I'm sure you gotten a good laugh and taken a lot of pictures. Throw me my clothes back."

Nothing. I scooped up my diary, and tried to conceal my nakedness. It didn't really work out well. I got a better look around. I don't know of any place like this on Rattan; I must have been moved very far... But why would they bring my diary and nothing else, not even the clothes on my back?

I stepped towards the railing, looking over the clouds. Must be a cloud inversion below. There were more wooden platforms up the cliff's edge. Was I still dreaming? No, that hadn't happened before. Every pins and needles dream ended when I woke up. I decided the television dream was just a coincidence or a bad attempt and moved on.

I decided to spit into the clouds. Some people said they spit into the Grand Canyon, but who could say they spat into the clouds? Well, pilots I guess. Then I decided to check out the wooden building; I tried to open the door gently to take a peek inside.

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