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Originally Posted by the_matrix_walker View Post
Looks like you are crossing your streams a bit there.

The variable Enhancement is 10% per 1%, so if you want 500 points of ability, that is ten times the +5,000%, that's +50,000%.

I'd be super-generous and let you limit the enhancement with a "Added Advantage enhancements based on the subject's personality with no input from the user, -80%" to bring it down to +10,000%
Also, Power-Ups 4 says that "The value of Variable Enhancement is equal to 10x the cost of the enhancements that can be added (minimum final cost of +50%).".

The example given in the book is that a character takes Burning Attack 2d with a cost of [10]. With Variable Enhancement, the cost added is [+150% = +15], for a total of [25].

This does suggest that the cost is added to the base Advantage itself, not to the accumulated cost of the Enhancements added to the Advantage.

Basic does list the option to "Afflict Advantage" under the heading of "Special Enhancements".

Now, as far as I know, Enhancements are calculated from the BASE COST of the Trait. For example, let's say I take a Burning Innate Attack level 2 [10], with Cone [+ 50 = 5] (B103) and Cosmic [+50% = +5] (B103). If I want to calculate how much is added by taking the Enhancement: Cosmic, I take the base cost 10 and multiply it by 50% [5].

I don't add take the base cost of 10, add the cost of the enhancement Cone [+5], for a total of [15], then calculate the additional cost of Cosmic [50% of 15 = 7.5. 7.5 + 15 = 22.5, rounded up is 23].

The additional cost of the Enhancement is calculated based on the price of the base Advantage alone.

I thought the same logic applied for Variable Enhancement. The base cost of Affliction at level 1 is 10. RAW says that Variable Enhancement is x10 the cost of the Advantage. 10 x 10 = 100. From my reading, the special enhancement of "Advantage" for Affliction is an Enhancement, and would not factor into determining the additional cost accrued by taking the Variable Enhancement.

Or maybe I missed something? This does raise the question: For the purpose of calculating the cost, does the fact that the "Afflict Advantage" aspect of Affliction count as an Enhancement to the Advantage, OR is it part of the base Advantage?

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