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Default Re: Bestowing Personality-based Powers

Here is what I have:

-Affliction, Advantage 1 [10 / lvl = 10] (B35)
--Advantage, 500 points [+10% per point the advantage is worth, + 5000% = 500] (B36)
--Mental and Physical [+100% = +10] (B71)
--Permanent, cannot be removed [300% + 30] (B104)
--Variable Enhancement [x10 = 100] (PU4, p. 5)

--Accessibility: Advantages given must all be in response to pre-existing Mental and/or Physical Disadvantages [-50% = -5] (PU8, p. 4)
--Accessibility: Only once a year [-60% =-6] (PU8, p. 4)
Total: 644

The price for the Advantage was around 500 was chosen because it is the cost of various templates from GURPS Supers, namely the Biomorph [500], Blaster [500], Improviser [500], Kinetic [500], Man Plus [500], Mesmerist [500], Metamorph [500], Renaissance Man [500], Sifu [500], Shaper [500], Speedster [500], Superman [500], Techno [500], (see Supers, p. 41-56). Obviously I am wiling to change the point around.

Obviously, I was thinking of giving this to an NPC, probably a villain. I was inspired by the French tv show “Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir”. The main villain in that show Hawk Moth ("Le Papillon", lit "The Butterfly", in the original French dub), has the power to turn any civilian into a supervillain if they have a bad day using akumas (literally "devil"), butterflies infused with dark energy.

How is it?

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