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Default Re: Bestowing Personality-based Powers

I would first build your basic Affliction, with everything but the "Added Advantage" enhancement.

Then take a Cosmic Modular Ability with the limitation "Only to add Added Advantage Enhancements to Affliction" or you can use the variable enhancement rules in PU 4: Enhancements (as a limited enhancement, Added Advantage enhancements only) to add to the Affliction.

Note that you are only modifying a single Affliction, so you do not need social. If your Affliction is a Malediction, you do not need Physical, as the power you are modifying is Mental, and if it is not a Meldiction, you only need Physical Only, +50% to modify your physical Affliction.

As for the limitation of the power being accompanied by a disadvantage, you can make a meta-trait based on adding the advantage to the disadvantage to afflict or include it in the power as a "Required Disadvantage" which will give you some points back, similar to a pact.

And if you do not want control over the results, that sounds like its own custom limitation along the lines of "uncontrollable+unconscious only" and will likely just be a judgement call, but I'd probably place it at about -30%
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