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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by GnomesofZurich View Post
Day replies, "We're just getting underway, so I don't think an unscheduled spacewalk would be a good idea now, tempting as it might be. A tour of the interior will do for now. I started my career working on merchant ships, before I joined up. My last posting was on a corvette-class ship, the Banshee, much smaller than this. It's a real privilege serving on a ship as magnificent as the Nightfall."
Pothi: There's no better time than the pre-launch inspection to see the ship, but I'll happily show you around the interesting parts of the ship. I've got a few things I need to check if they changed.

Pothi travels around, showing Day the creature comforts and checking on the secrets of the ship. They visit the morale section on deck 12 between the reactors and engine, seeing which quartermasters are left from when Pothi was aboard the ship. The places take a little extra money, but are fairly generous all things considered.

They visit the shield maintance quarters on deck 3 and try to figure out who will be on ship with them: most of the EVA crew is assigned to shields, not the hyperdrive. Pothi is careful to get invited to share meals with "friendly" mess.

Pothi mentions the tip of deck 18, which has "Sanity Ports" --- the only windows to outside of the ship. Right now there isn't much to see, as they are in port. Besides, the two are EVA crew. They will eventually find a inadequately locked plasma emmiter*. Pothi checks a couple he knew of during his service, but they have all been fixed, which is pretty expected.

Pothi walks through deck 19 looking for places people will eventually set up shop for non-official actives (ranging from innocent but un-sponsored to the mildly illegal). Nothing is here yet, as the ship is being filled to the gills with hydrogen bricks, but eventually this will be one of the most active places on the ship.

They get a good look at the small point defense lasers scattered around the ship, as well as one of the three massive main weapons in the fore part of the ship. Gravity is weird in these emplacements, but both of you are fine with that. The forward weapons have massive mirrors. Day has seen these systems before, of course, but there is always something awe-inspiring about a 24 meter focal mirror.

They are always welcome at the great rotating hyperdrive and its capacitors: that's part of their responsibilities. Its a fairly new hyperdrive design, as these things go: designed in the Malu empire 50 years ago. Day isn't terribly familiar with what makes it special, though he's aware of some operational quirks. Finding out the manufacturing secrets is some else's job, and at this point, the Malu have another drive in service, at least for imperial craft rather than the stuff versatile nations buy. Right now the drive is being slowly spun as part of a maintenance test.

Are there any places Day will prompt Pothi to show him?

* plasma emmiters are the metallic brown boxes with "scoops" pointing outwards.
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