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Default DreadStormers [IC]

Our story begins in orbit above the Port World of Bijoka, a mostly unsettled Zorbani world known for smooth black barren volcanic coasts, its floating aquafarms, its Great Domed City, and its infamous research program HITDDAR, which attempts to unlock the secrets of the human brain via experimentation on imported prisoners.

Randall Valford and Daymar ("Day") Konic, Two Dreadstormers, have been secretly enrolled as part of the crew of the Nightfall, a large dreadnaught preparing to participate in action against the Nation of Jakorbi. While Jakorbi shares many cultural and historical features with the other Zorbani nations, they are allied with the Quinta Republica, have a mostly functioning democracy, and condemn projects like HITDDAR. The also oppose the encroachments of the Malu empire. Valford and Konic have been tasked with Seizing control of the Nightfall, turning her considerable firepower against the Zorbani pact.

In order to fool screeners looking for Dreadstormers, Valford and Konic took psi-suppressants before boarding the Nightfall. Once on board, the ship's food will contain the suppressants as well.

Valford and Konic are familiar with each other, and will be keeping a sharp eye out for each other. They know what sections the other usually uses as their cover, but the specifics are not shared for reasons of operational security. They were given a secret meeting place and time, should they need it: Tuesday, Floor 5, starboard compartment second from the bow, at 01:06, 09:42, or 17:56 (5:56 pm).

Valford has a position as a reactor engineer. Konic is part of the hyperspace team, specializing in external maintenance. In three days from now, on sunday, the ship will launch on what is presumed to be a combat mission. The route and specifics have been intentionally kept a secret for security reasons.

Buddies have been assigned. Konic is assigned to work with another EVA hyperspace engineer, Private Korchathaw Pothazeezor. He's from Corgacor, a wild world famous for its militant attitude and vicious wildlife. His name is long even for Jakorbi, and he mostly goes by "Pothi". He's an exceptionally friendly guy, especially interested in discussing Movies, Shows, and other popular entertainment.

Valford's partner is Vorno Chonuzi. Chonuzi works on reactors, specializing in coolant. He is from Beekornor, which is a highly colonized mostly aquatic world that supplies precursor chemicals to psi-drugs, though Vorno doesn't know much about that. He's very ambitious, has been around the ship a while, and seems to be angling for a promotion soon.
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