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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Originally Posted by combatmedic View Post

The palace does have sewers, of course. There are nasty, unpleasant, downright dangerous parts of Sylea- only most nobles will never see such places. Neither will visitors who have armed themselves with a proper guide.
If you know where to look in the cities, you can find brothels, underground duelling arenas, and black market 'agoras.'

Strict gun control laws haven't prevented professional criminals from making, stealing, or smuggling in firearms. A shooting is a good way to attract police attention, though.

In some cities, the criminal underclass have adopted the noble custom of duelling. Of course, the underclass duel is a rather less dignified and polite matter than an affair of honor among two nobs. Still, there are some rules; no guns, two men for one fight, surrenders should be taken. Knives or spacers' blades are used at least as often as proper swords. Betting on the outcome of a fight, and cheering from the sidelines, are not only expected, but encouraged.
What's a spacer's blade like?
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