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Default [DF 11] Animal allies for Holy Warriors

Both Holy and Unholy Warrior have the power-up entries list for a mount or a dog Allies "Animal companions of equal points ... This works like a divine servant, but is a mount or a hound; see Allies, p. 13."

But Allies, p.13 does not, however, have horses or hounds at 250 points, and refers to the animals from Chapter 1 - where there are 125-pointers for both the hound and a stallion - so the points costs for these power-ups should be
Allies (Animal companion; Built on 50%; 12 or less; PM, -10%; Summonable, +100%) [8] or (15 or less) [12].

On the other hand, I'm thinking that maybe there should be a divine or demonic horse or hound available for 250 points. Maybe something like the horse or hound template, and a lens that looks something like this:

+1 ST [10], +1 DX [20], Basic Speed -0.25 [-5], Two slots of elements [100], Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30], Blessed [10], -10-point disadvantage used as the moral code; Dependency (Sanctity; Very Common; Constantly) [-25]; Unnatural Features 1 [-1]; and four quirks to be determined by the GM [-5]. Change the Survival specialty to whatever heavenly or hellish environment the animal comes from.

Some of the elements might need some tweaking for these animals, though.
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