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Default ST affects on Melee Weapons

Hey folks,

If you could help me out with a bit of clarity here I would enjoy it.
In general using your fists or basic Melee weapons, a Higher ST is preferable.

You increase your SW & THR and the weapon uses it and may even add a bit extra.

But some weapons for example a Force Sword lists damage as a value: [8d]
does this mean my 6yr old cripple niece can inflict identical damage as Conan the Barbarian with this weapon or is it actually [sw+8d] ?
Further in a supers game there are various was of temporary boosts to ST for damage, DR:Absorb or Power Blow.

In this case would there be a change to the attack?
I am working on a build converting the Comic character 'Groo the Wanderer' into a 400pt Super 'Groo the Jedi' I won't get into trying to use TK with an IQ7, but I was really hoping to be able to pair Power Blow with the Force Sword. If not the sword, would anyone argue stacking Power Blow + Telekinesis [Push]?
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