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Originally Posted by ericbsmith View Post
With few exceptions, all Traveller ships are designed to do one Jump at their maximum Jump rating. The 100-dTon Suliman-class Scout is rated for Jump 2, so it has enough fuel to make one 2-parsec Jump and will need to refuel. Or it could make two 1-parsec Jumps without refueling between them.

Some ships may put a collapsible fuel tank in the cargo hold, allowing it to make an extra jump. Others use external "drop" tanks, which allow them to jettison the tanks before they jump, conserving internal fuel for a second jump at the destination.

However, the normal procedure is to make a single jump consuming all internal fuel and then refuel at the destination. Most ships have at least a minimal fuel processor which will allow them to slowly refuel in a gas giant or from ice asteroids if they get stuck in a system without refueling infrastructure.
In TNE, a number of ships can, if they really want, eke out another J1 from maneuver fuel. It's all the same stuff. But that's due to differences in technical architecture in rules. A few can get an additional J2.
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