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Default Re: Stating a Mosin-Nagant M/28-30

I guess if it is 1941 date M/28-30, then it is one last of the "civilian" rifles, as the last purchase of M/28-30s for the Civil Guard was in 1940 and the "civilian purchase" program ended in 1941 (So it should have a serial number of 100000 to 102000 in that case). But I digress...

The M/28-30 is a variant with shorter heavier barrel and certain other improvements. But I would not call it fine as the accuracy is in same range as the better acc 5 weapons. So in Gurps terms it is likely the 7d for the shorter barrel and it is acc 5.

But in real life terms they seem to be the most accurate of the MN variants that have not been specially fiddled with, specially if you use the correct .308 bullets and not .310/.311 that is normal for the 7.62x54R. Further I have not shot any such with the stiff bolt travel so common in used NM type rifles, but I cannot say if that is just luck of the draw or a feature.

I have owned several MN style rifles over the years but the M/28-30 is the only one I have kept though I have not actually shot it for quite a few years now that I think about it...
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