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Default Re: [Magic] How much food can the Blossom spell produce?

Originally Posted by Tyneras View Post
As far as I am aware there are zero foods that a human could survive eating exclusively long term.
There's at least one, but the prions are likely to eventually build up and get you. Of course, eating long pork tends to be on the deep end of the alignment pool.

A spell that exclusively generates fruit, but a lot of it, is certainly useful for meeting caloric requirements, which is primarily what you need to consume food for. Long-term survival will require supplementing this with other food to build back up levels of essential nutrients. Fortunately, humans are fairly good at pattern recognition, so it won't take long to notice that people who eat only apples get sick but those who supplement their diet with other fare don't (and humans will fairly rapidly identify what supplements work, at least roughly speaking). Note if such magic is sufficiently widespread, this will likely be a difference between the wealthy and the poor - the very wealthy can dine on exclusively "naturally-grown" foodstuffs, while those less wealthy must increasingly rely on cheap Blossom-grown fruit.
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