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Default Re: [Magic] How much food can the Blossom spell produce?

True about the B12, I was all ready to jump on you about it not being true that you can't live without animal food until you mentioned the B12. Bit misleading to say "protein", B12 isn't a protein. You do not need animal food for "protein", that's been demonstrated time and time again; but you do need B12. Everything else, I think, works all right without animal food; I think B12 is the only problem. It's an interesting thought that the Blossom food would presumably not have the bugs in it that food grown in normal TL3 fashion would, since Blossom is a plant spell and presumably only makes plants grow fast and there'd be no time for bugs to move in.

Of course, since they have magic they could always solve that problem by magic, but they'd first have to know what was wrong.

I don't know how you'd get round that.

Of course, if the people using Blossom weren't human but some other species such as elves, they might have evolved to live on plants only and be able to produce B12 internally like other herbivores do (via bacteria, I think, though I don't remember for sure). Or it could just be that in this world there do happen to be plants that contain B12, or B12-producing microbes are more widespread and even humans have them. A detail as tiny as that could surely be overlooked on grounds of "this isn't Earth".

Interesting story about the Indian gurus.
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