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Default Re: [MA] [LT] Dueling Buckler and Shield-Hand Knife

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Erm... what? If I use my sword to stab I can still parry with it. Likewise is I use my shield to bash, I can still block with it. Same holds true here, if you stab with the knife you can still block with the buckler, and if you bash with the buckler you can still parry with the knife.
I guess I just don't see it happening. Stabbing downward with the dagger as the two are held in that manner really seems to preclude that hand blocking with the buckler. The reverse also seems to be true, try it.

On the other hand, you can block all day with that buckler, holding a thin-handled blade and not have problems. Same thing with ice-pick stab with the dagger. I don't think the combination shifts the center of mass more than a few percent.
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