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Default Re: Interview with Dr Kromm about GURPS

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
You're a visual/text oriented learner, and find text "easy-to-read". That's good for you. Other people are audio-oriented learners, and find the conversation format easier to listen to.

Things like visual impairment and dyslexia can further complicate things by making reading text extremely challenging or outright impossible. Text-to-speech software is ... functional... which can give people in this third "I don't have a choice" category access to electronic text, but is way worse to listen to than even someone bouncing back for laryngitis over a highly-compressed VoiP protocol. :)

I'm a text-oriented learner, and gamers who hang around on forum boards tend to be heavily weighted towards this learning style - but I have a sneaking suspicion that in the greater population we're a minority, and will be until we get around to rewiring peoples brains.

It's not related to literacy levels at all - it has to do with specific aptitudes, and is why kids are put in classrooms with lectures, instead of just handed worksheets and handouts every class.
That's actually a good point, and one I hadn't considered before. I suppose podcasts aren't quite as silly as I thought, though they're still not something I'm going to bother with.
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