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Default Re: So, how great is Kromm anyway?

Originally Posted by Icelander

I've never seen Kromm and Chuck Norris in the same place!!!

That must mean they are the same person!!!

Kromm is so great that according to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, he can actually roundhouse kick you yesterday.
Yes but Chuck Norris can slow down time while he fights and deliver a slow motion kick while standing on one leg unbalenced all this time. He can also kick people in the jaw and render them unconscious without killing or seriously injuring them as he works for a family show that has a theme song that sounds more like the Staasi then the Texas Rangers.

When the Eye of the Ranger is upon you
Any wrong you do he's gonna see
When your in Texas look behind you
cus that's where the Ranger's gonna be!
"The navy could probably win a war without coffee but would prefer not to try"-Samuel Eliot Morrison
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