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Really, I'm totally serious. If you want a lot of people to call your stuff hard SF leave out the blaster pistols. A generic expansion of that principle is that you can have lots of superscience as long as you make it large and inconvenient which Traveller does.
This trick works with an amazing number of space opera tropes. Any time your characters ride in a wheeled ground vehicle, make a note of something on a bit of paper instead of an electronic box, take an audio only call, turn a key in a lock and swing open a door, light something with a match, or shower with water instead of sound waves, you build yourself a little bit of credit that helps your audience give you a pass on the psionic jump drives that work on tarot card symbolism. This isn't an effect limited to SF, it works well in horror or fantasy too. Or anywhere really - a lot of plausible little deductions early on goes a long way toward disguising that the mystery breaking deduction at the center of your story doesn't really make sense.
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