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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
ITL 79 "They do not favor thrown or missile weapons, though they can fly overhead and drop rocks on you if the situation warrants"

BTW my reading of ITL 133 is that dropped rocks are far more accurate than crossbow bolts.
This the paragraph you're citing?

Originally Posted by ITL 133
Some fliers will drop rocks or weapons on their foes.
Spears and axes may be dropped at -4 to hit but do +2 damage
if they connect. Grenades, molotails, and gas bombs may be
dropped at -4, but with no damage bonus. Other weapons
are unlikely to do more than accidental or nuisance damage.
Informal weapons (like boulders) do 1 die damage for each
100 lbs. weight (they’re unlikely to hit squarely, but very
likely to graze and bruise). They, too, are dropped at -4 DX.
I guess I've missed any clear mention on the use of missile weapons, but dropped weapons (which must include rocks, surely) are at -4 DX. What do you think a crossbow's adjustment would be for a flyer?

I guess I'd tend to agree that a PC gargoyle shouldn't use a missile weapon, though not favoring them is different than never using them. It would take a special argument why this particular gargoyle is fond of crossbows, aside from the fact that they're a really good weapon.

I'd forgotten that rule about gargoyles, so thanks for that.
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