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Default Re: Mage Specialization [Fantasy]

No, not really. If we're going the "high skill" route, then you can get Recover Energy 20 for a heck of a lot less. Then you need to wait 6 minutes between each patient to heal the same amount. The rest of your points can go to other spells, making you more versatile.

Edit: I think in general you overestimate how easy it is to get high skill. Remember, a guy with skill 20 (which you argue most people have after twenty years in a profession) can do the impossible half the time they attempt it. The skill training rules are not meant to be realistic, they are a quick-and-dirty solution to produce gameable results. I refer you again to the Krommpost I linked to in my previous post - skill 25 is mythical level. That's what Gandalf and Merlin has. Not your average John down the street. At least that's the default assumption.
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