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Default Re: Mage Specialization [Fantasy]

The standard magical system heavily rewards absurdly high skill levels. With a mundane skill, like Physician, there really is no functional difference between Physician-16 and Physician-25, so Physician-25 is going to usually be a waste of points except in extraordinary circumstances. It makes sense that there might only be one person on a planet with Physician-25, as the economic realities would make illogical for anymore than one person to reach that level.

When it comes to standard magic though, there is a massive functional difference between Major Healing-16 and Major Healing-25. In the former case, you are spending 3 FP to heal 8 HP per day per person, meaning 12 FP to heal 32 HP per day for a group of four combatants. In the latter case, you are spending 4 FP to heal 32 HP per day, meaning 16 FP to heal 128 HP per day for a group of four combatants. This is a threefold increase in effectiveness per patient, which has real benefits for society.
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