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Originally Posted by OldSam View Post
I'm thinking about Reputation / Popularity of characters, especially heroes and would like to have a little brain storming...

- Basic p. 27 about Reputation (People Affected) gives multipliers for Large (x1/2) and Small (x/3) classes of people. Would you say it is fair to take two small classes, too, with the same reputation (same topic "in one package"), if points are paid for one large class? Or is that over- / under-priced or otherwise a bad idea?

- Does anyone of you often assign new "reputation" advantages / disadvantages in a running campaign? (Gained through actions of the characters). What are your experiences? Any hints?

Thanks! :)
The size of the group is what matter.
As long as you can clearly define it, I don't think the class need to be homogenous.
The GM will have to decide in each cases whether 2 "small class" still count as a small class or become a large class.

I do sometimes assign reputation (good or bad) for free in my campaigns, according to the players actions (or lack of, in some cases).
In most cases, never more than a +1 for small classes of people.
Often following a critical success/failure.
Success or failure at a task is not enough to gain a free reputation. It must have been truly memorable.
Players can still buy/increase/reduce reputation with cp if they want, of course.

As for using reputations, I have at time used the area knowledge Geographical and Temporal modifiers to the recognition roll, for geographical based reputations.
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