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Default Re: [TG] Perk to allow Break Free with striking skill?

Jumping in fairly late:

One way to use striking to get out of a grapple might be to simply attack the body parts doing the grapple. "I punch their arm" sort of thing. If you can overcome whatever DX (and ST, if using TG rather than FDG) penalties are on you to punch them while they're grappling you, then allowing some or all of the damage to reduce control points as well would be kinda fun, and I (perhaps?) remember something being said in Martial Arts, I think, about this practice.

Brawling in particular has always been a bit grabby, so allowing counter-grapples using a slow progression, or (with the Clinch) perk to default to Skill-2 (like the default for Armed Grapple) or Skill-4 or Skill-5 but improvable as a Hard Technique might be a way to point-cost it out.

I tend to be wary-in-theory of cross-over like this, but since "Judo Throw defaults to Axe" and "Judo Throw defaults to Shield" have both appeared on my character sheets in the past, the Technique Adaptation methodology seems appropriate. The only hesitation is that making and breaking grapples is a "core skill" thing, but since you're only attacking to shed a grapple, not make one, well . . . it'll do.
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